Latest news about the student sports associations and competitions

Besides your studies you want to play sports and get a group of friends. Student Sports Associations have the both of them!

You might already know what sports you want to play. Or, you want to try a sport that is completely new to you. No matter what, with 29 different student sport associations in Maastricht, there will be one that is perfect to you. Go out there and try out, practice hard and go to (student) championships!

However, that’s not all. The social life is also very important to student sport associations: activities for members are being organized, they go on members’ weekends, participate in a cantus, have social-drink evenings and many more.

Check this page for an overview of all the different student sport associations. Do you want to try-out a practice or join an activity? Check the website/Facebook/Instagram of the association you are interested in.

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