Latest news about the student sports associations and competitions


One of the main focus points of the MUSST board of 2022-2023 is social safety. To this effect, several steps have been taken. For example, workshops have been provided for boards of student sports associations and UM SPORTS employees. Besides, together with the UM Psychologists, trainings have been offered for students willing to become a confidential contact person for SSAs.

Alongside these steps, a workgroup consisting of SSA board members, confidential contact persons, MUSST and UM SPORTS has worked on creating a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct has come into effect as of June 2023.

Please find the Code of Conduct here.

While important steps have been made, we are also aware that creating a socially safe environment for sports is a process that is never finished. Therefore, we will continue to work on this in the future.