Together with Student Initiative Helpdesk, we held our Sustainable Board Transition Workshop! 📚 We learned about how to pass the lead and ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and responsibilities to next year’s organisation boards. We would like to thank as well to UM Career Services for their participance and support! Proud of the collaborative spirit and dedication to continuity and growth of the participating organisations! 🔄🤝



What a stunning day! 🎊 Our sports associations came together for a friendly competition on the bowling lanes🎳, followed by an scavenger hunt that kept us entertained! Ending the dat with a delicious lunch in the park, laying in the sun and celebrating teamwork. ☀️🎉


Have you ever wondered how is it to work in a sports-related environment?

Are you interested in expanding your network among Sports Organisations throughout the Netherlands? 

Do you want to create an impact on well-being of students through sports in Maastricht? 


We are currently looking for the MUSST Board 2024-2025!


The MUSST Board presents an opportunity for you to coordinate and support 31 (and counting) Student Sports Associations in Maastricht to improve and promote the sport spirit among students. The Sport Council MUSST works together with UM Sports to ensure that every association has the necessary facilities and equipment to perform their sport without any concerns. At the same time, MUSST collaborates with boards of these associations to support the interest of their members, but also with sports organisations in the Netherlands including Studenten Sport Nederland and Sports Councils from different cities. 


On one hand, as a MUSST Board member, not only that you will be representing the biggest student organization in Maastricht, but also you will actively be participating in several events during the whole year such as constitution drinks, workshops, Batavierenrace, GNSK and more. Additionally, the MUSST Board gets to visit all 31 associations and try-out their sport. On the other hand, the Sports Council has been working on highlighting the importance of well-being of students within Student Sports Associations and has focused on creating a safe environment for every association member. 


If you would like to have more information about the board year or specific positions, get in touch with our current members or check out our Instagram page! 

Interested? Apply as soon as possible for your favourite position by sending your CV and motivational letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vacancies (Dutch)

  • Voorzitter
  • Secretaris
  • Penningmeester
  • Commissaris Sport
  • Commissaris PR & Sponsoring


Vacancies (English)

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sports Commissioner
  • PR & Sponsoring Commissioner

You can also check out our social media for more information (Instagram / Facebook). 



Are you on the board of a student association and wondering how to successfully transition to a new board? Then the upcoming workshop on ‘Sustainable Board Transition’ is perfect for you. 🔔

The MUSST and SIH will guide you through the process of recruiting a new board, finalising your board responsibilities and assuring that as little knowledge and network as possible gets lost. 🔄

The Department of Connect & Recruit will show you how to recruit new board members - tips and tricks on writing a vacancy, interviewing peers and even more.

Sign up via this link!


🏆 The sign-ups for GNSK 2024 have been opened! Join us in Rotterdam from June 7th to 9th for the 64th edition of the Great Dutch Student Championship, one of the largest student sports events in the Netherlands! 🏅

Experience the excitement and be one of the student athletes from all around the Netherlands who battle for the Dutch Student Championship! You can choose between 12 different sports! 🏀 🧗‍♂️⚽🎮

🌟Come and represent Maastricht!

  • If you have your own team, reach out to us for registration (Deadline – 22nd of April)
  • If you participate in an individual tournament (such as Badminton, Esports (Mario Kart), Fencing, Sport Climbing or Squash), you can already sign-up by yourself (Deadline – 1st of May)📣
  • Take a look on the opportunity of becoming a volunteer at GNSK 2024 as well!

For more information regarding the event check out the GNSK 2024 website or Instagram page.